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If you’re looking for a way to make Google more fun, these tricks will help. They’ll add some extra magic to your search results and make the experience more interactive.

What is Google Tricks?

Google Tricks is a collection of tricks that you can do on Google. It’s a fun way to explore the power of Google. Google Tricks are useful for both beginners and experts, as they allow you to learn how to use your favorite search engine in new ways!

How To Play Google Tricks- Google Gravity- Google Underwater/Gravity Google- Underwater Google, mr. doob- elgoog

Google Tricks is a series of games where you can play with Google. You can find them on the internet and play them from there, or you can visit the official website for each game.

  • Google Gravity: This game will help you understand how gravity works in real life by giving you a gravity field around your character (the player). It’s easy to play, just type in any search query into Google Search Bar, then click on “Play” button when it appears at top right corner of screen! After that press down arrow key until game starts loading up slowly; when everything finished loading press space bar again after which you will be plunged into outer space where nothing but empty space surrounds us all…

2 – Mr Doob’s Underwater Google Tricks: This is another cool game but very different from other ones we’ve seen so far because this one requires us to go underwater instead of above ground like other ones do (it’s kind of like being inside our own body instead). Press F12 key while playing as usual then click anywhere inside oceanic waters until he says “I’m ready!”

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Google Gravity

Google Gravity is a fun and addictive game that can be played anywhere, anytime. It’s similar to Flappy Bird, but with a twist! You’ll need to navigate your character through the maze while avoiding falling objects and dangerous terrain. In order to win, you’ll need to be quick on your feet—and keep moving!

To play Google Gravity: Search for “Google Gravity” in any browser or device; wait for the loading bar (it will take around 20 seconds) before hitting play; then start running around obstacles like platforms and walls while trying not fall into pits below them (you can’t die).

Underwater in Google

Let’s dive into the world of Google Underwater!

Google Underwater search is a game where you play as a fish swimming through the ocean. You have to swim from side to side and avoid all obstacles, like rocks or bubbles that will make it harder for you to move forward. There are different levels with different challenges and achievements too, so don’t worry if you can’t finish them all at once because they’re easy enough that anyone could do it!

Google Rainbow

Google Rainbow is a Google Chrome extension that changes the background color of your browser to a random color every time you open a new tab. This can be useful for people who want to make their browsing experience more fun or help them find things on the web.

This extension was originally created by Albert Maradiaga and released in 2011 for Windows only, but now it’s available for MacOSX as well!


Sphere Google

Google Sphere is a new way to explore the world through Google Maps. It lets you explore the world from any angle and in any direction, using your phone or tablet as a window into the globe.

You can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the globe to see your location from any angle.

Pacman Google

You can play Pacman in Google by typing “pacman” in the search bar.

You can also click on the Pacman icon in the top right corner of your screen that looks like this:

Epic Google

The Epic Google is a fun little game that you can play in your browser or on YouTube. It’s also a good way to waste time, which is never bad. To play the Epic Google, just enter the following address into your search bar:


Guitar Google

A guitar is a stringed instrument composed of at least four strings and usually more than one.

The sound of a guitar can be produced by strumming, plucking or picking with the fingers. The sound comes from vibrating strings that are made from metal (usually steel), although other materials such as nylon, plastic and gut may also be used. The top (or head) block contains tuning machines that adjust the tension on each string so they produce certain pitches when struck by finger tips. These tuners are located between the bridge and tailpiece; they allow you to make fine adjustments when playing your instrument, depending on what key you’re playing in

Konami Code in Google

Google is an amazing tool. It can help you find anything, and it’s pretty easy to use. If you’re new to Google, here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Search for something specific or just browse around until something catches your eye.
  • Click “More” under the search bar at the top of every page (or click More at the bottom of most pages).
  • In the box that pops up, type in . This will bring up a series of codes with different combinations of letters and numbers that will give you different results from what would otherwise appear when searching for those same terms without using this method! For example, typing in: “gameboy” turns up results related specifically about Nintendo handhelds instead than just games themselves–and if one were looking specifically for Game Boy Advance titles then typing this code into Google would often get better results than simply hitting enter into whatever web browser they happen upon while browsing online
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These tricks will make your google experience better.

  • Make Google More Fun
  • You can make your Google experience more fun by searching for things like the number of words in a book or the height of Mount Everest. The results will be listed in reverse order, from smallest to largest. This can also be used to find out how much money people have made by browsing through their bank accounts or social media profiles, which makes it easy for you to see what other people are doing with their money!
  • Improve Your Google Experience
  • You can improve your Google experience by using it as a tool for learning new things about the world around us. For example, try searching “how many planets are there in our solar system?” This will give you an answer without having any prior knowledge about astronomy at all!


Google is the most used search engine in the world. Google Tricks are ways to improve your experience with Google. These tips and tricks can help you find what you’re looking for faster, save time looking for things on your own, or even just have fun!

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