Top 8 best courses after graduation

Students in India regard the 12th grade, also known as the HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate), as a watershed moment in their life. Following the HSC, pupils are faced with a variety of options. A great number of courses are available in Indian colleges and universities.

Young people, on the other hand, have information at their hands, which allows them to explore new subjects and job functions like never before.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to discover which jobs will put you up for long-term personal and professional success. These are the ten most attractive professions for the future.

Top 8 best courses after graduation


Engineering is, by far, one of India’s most traditional career-oriented professional disciplines. Every year, around one million engineers graduate from government universities, polytechnics, and private schools, according to the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

A significant number of Fresh graduates choose to study engineering in the United States and Australia. Depending on the college and branch, engineering education in India might cost anywhere from Rs. 1 million.


In this course, Python Training in Bangalore you’ll learn the Python language’s fundamentals as well as computer best practices. You’ll learn how to define and store data using Python kinds of data and parameters, as well as how to direct the supply of your apps using cases and loops. You’ll employ sophisticated data structures like lists, sets, dictionaries, and tuples to store groupings of connected data. You’ll write scripts, explain and create your function, and deal with errors. Finally, you’ll learn how to discover and utilize modules using the Scripting language from Infocampus Python Course in Bangalore.

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As advertising, print, electronic, and online news media, as well as film production, have grown in popularity, a growing number of students have chosen media and journalism courses as being one of the top courses to pursue after high school.

A Master of Media and Communication or a Bachelor of Modern Communication degree typically takes three years and costs roughly Rs. 300,000.

Osmania University in Hyderabad, Pune University, and St. Xavier Institutes in various places are among the best universities in this subject.

Because journalism is considered of artists and literary degrees, the specific number of graduates is unknown.


Because of its versatility and adaptability, Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages. Java may be used for a variety of purposes, including software design, mobile application development, and large-scale system development. As of 2019, 88 percent of all phones run on Android, a Programming language mobile operating system. As a developer, knowing Java offers some opportunities for you.

This Java Training in Bangalore or Java Course in Bangalore will introduce you to basic programming principles, such as object-oriented programming (OOP) in Java. To help you practice, you’ll create 7 Java applications, such as a rudimentary calculator.


Every year, over 25,000 students in India graduate as pharmacists from various institutions. Due to the opening of various new and commercial healthcare facilities around the country, pharmacy courses are gaining traction.

As part of its licensing policy, India’s United States Food And drug has made it necessary for all big medical enterprises, wholesalers, and retailers to recruit licensed pharmacists.

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A pharmacy course, known as a BPharm, lasts for 3 years and costs between Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 200,000. BPharm courses are available at all major state-run universities.

6.Petroleum Engineering

Oil companies have recently been able to extract oil from shale rock that was previously untapped due to technological advancements. Petroleum engineers are in great demand as a result of this. The reality that more than half of the present petroleum engineers employed plan to retire over the next ten years supports this growth pace.

Petroleum engineering has a starting salary of more than $100,000 per year. Drilling engineers, production engineers, and reservoir engineers are among the jobs available to graduates with a diploma in petroleum engineering.

Petroleum services managers are in charge of operations at various stations, allowing them to manage in the field. These are among the top jobs for the future, with plenty of employment possibilities.

7.Advance Java

Learn Vern’s online e-Learning Portal offers a Free Advance Java Training in Bangalore that includes all Advanced Java subjects for a participant, from migrating to constructing web apps from”stand-alone” software established with Core Java programming. This Advanced Java Programming Course guide will assist applicants in learning and understanding How to Manage the API in the Java Software Suite, which includes Servlet Development, Web Services, JSP, and a variety of other topics. Client/Server Architecture in Java, J2EE Architecture, and MVC Architecture are all included in the free Advanced Java Course Online Tutorial Modules. WebApp Listener Session Management Java Server Pages (JSP), CRUD activities utilising servlets JSTL, EL, and Servlet Filter Java Mail API, and more.

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8.Commercial Pilot

In India, there is a high need for trained commercial pilots due to the country’s booming aviation industry. After 12th grade, flying may be a highly rewarding career.

It allows commercial pilots to travel across the world. Unfortunately, there are few pilots training institutes in India. The majority of prospective commercial pilots must study overseas or join the Indian Armed Forces for training.

A flying course might cost anything between Rs.2.5 million and Rs.2.5 million. Every year, roughly 8,000 commercial pilots are needed in India to keep airlines running. Less than 1,000 pilots have got training from local flying schools.

The Indian Air Force provides the majority of pilots for civil aviation in India. National Flight Training Institute is India’s sole major flying school.

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When you enroll in a degree program, you open the door to even more learning opportunities. You’ll gain experience and improve your thoughts, that will help you to stay concentrated on your chosen topic.Continued education might be an effective strategy to keep up with industry trends and concerns. You also learn how to come up with ideas to assist you to deal with the challenge. Getting a better education gives you the capacity to deal with obstacles. This is what a corporation searches for in a new employee. It improves your skills in your chosen field. It also aids in maintaining the consumers’ attention in the most trustworthy approach after you begin operating.

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