In Australia, 14.5% of the population smoke. Though the figure may seem small, that still roughly translates to more than 2.5 million people. After all, this country, which is the only continent in the world, serves as a home to almost 26 million people. As a result, the country, fondly known as the Land Down Under, sees a lot of smoking action, especially during the colder months. And the 25-29 and 40-49 years old age bracket has the highest prevalence of smokers.

Top 5 Benefits of Kicking Your Smoking Habit to the Curb

Should you find yourself in this group, it is time to consider quitting the nicotine habit. After all, science has said time and time again that tobacco use will lead to health problems. However, if you have a hard time stopping, consider taking advantage of remedies like Smokefree Clinic prescriptions for nicotine in Australia. These are specifically designed to help you curb withdrawal symptoms and help you kick the stick for good. Not convinced? Take note of the benefits of quitting smoking:

Save a Lot of Money

Though a stick of cigarette may not seem a lot, it will compound over time. To illustrate, a pack of Marlboro Gold costs around 48.50 Australian dollars. This means if you smoke a pack-a-day, you spend over $12K in a year. Sadly, in this situation, you are literally burning money to fund a bad habit. Wouldn’t it be better to save and invest this money instead? Besides, your lungs will thank you. 

Enjoy Better Health

Smoking increases your risk for heart disease as it narrows the arteries. If you quit, you reduce the risk by half. On top of that, the most serious cause for concern is your lung’s health. The toxic compounds in cigarettes carry carcinogens that can lead to cancer, emphysema, and other breathing issues. If you want to live longer, quitting via remedies like Smokefree Clinic prescriptions for nicotine in Australia can be a great start. Your heart and lungs will thank you because you can live longer. 

Assure Better Health For the Family

Remember, when you smoke, you don’t just affect your own health. Sadly, your family also becomes vulnerable to tobacco. After all, they inhale your second-hand smoke, which causes serious health conditions. As a matter of fact, many studies say that second-hand smoke is even more dangerous, especially for children. However, if you stop smoking, you can:

  • Prevent your family from developing cancers
  • Stop the onset of respiratory infections
  • Mitigate the onset of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, or asthma
  • Enjoy quality time together without toxic fumes
  • Save more money for fun activities

Can Affect Pregnancy and Childbirth

Besides, if you intend to have children soon, tobacco exposure can impact your unborn baby. If you smoke during pregnancy or become exposed to second-hand smoke, it can lead to a host of problems. If you are expecting or your partner is pregnant, you can encounter the following:

  • Experience miscarriage
  • Face birth complications
  • Have premature birth
  • Give birth to an underweight baby
  • Have a baby with weak lungs

Rediscover Sense of Taste and Smell

Finally, tobacco contains numerous chemicals that dull your taste buds. The same harmful ingredients also adversely impact your sense of smell. If you want to restore your keen sense of taste and smell, quitting will help. In fact, in a matter of days from stopping smoking, you will notice a big improvement. When this happens, you can enjoy a wider array of dishes that have subtle flavours. Everything will taste better because the tobacco chemicals no longer camouflage the flavour and scent. 

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