The Use of Big Data in the Mobile Gaming Industry

The Use of Big Data in the Mobile Gaming Industry Modern games are filled with huge amounts of amounts of data. It doesn’t matter which type of game you’re considering. For example, Quantum Break requires as nearly 178GB of storage space to run! There’s also the industry of mobile gaming. Mobile payments and updates as well as extra features, and the ability to configure games, mobile gaming is the perfect illustration of big data at work. This is the topic we’re going to discuss this moment. What is the role of big data in the current video gaming market?

What type of huge data are we discussing here?

Let’s start by talking about the kinds of data mobile games collect and process. We can indicate two significant data sources:

  • The game has a lot of data (here are various kinds of stats such as which times during the week are the most popular with certain players)
  • Massive data from the game (here we’re able to indicate what kinds of features players use, as well as equipment they’re purchasing, etc.)

The Use of Big Data in the Mobile Gaming Industry

The amount of data gathered by mobile gaming companies is extensive. They need to gather as much information as they can to improve their offerings. They collect all that is available about UX gaming, games as well as transactions (micropayments within the industry of gaming are growing increasingly popular) and character traits of the players. It is possible to claim that every aspect of a player’s life is a potential target that mobile game companies can use to analyze massive amounts of amounts of data.

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What are mobile gaming companies use massive data to do?

To improve their game clearly. But, it does not mean you need to implement the revolution every time you discover something that is new. Most of the time These changes are minimal or even invisible. The goal is to enhance game play without warning players or encouraging that they should discover something new. It is important to keep in mind that even the smallest changes, when scaled up to millions of players can result in massive revenues increases. However, there’s more.

Mobile gaming companies must keep track of user engagement on a regular basis. For instance, it might happen that gamers quit the game after only 2 or 3 levels. This naturally brings up the issue of what is the reason? Perhaps, it’s because the game isn’t simple or complicated. In both instances, quick and decisive actions are required. Additionally, massive data can be utilized to identify possible issues or bottlenecks within the game. If, at a specific time, the players stop playing the game or the amount of activity significantly decreases, it suggests that you need to examine the game’s mechanics.

The main idea behind the massive data in the field of mobile gaming will be the need to keep players content. An happy player is one who is engaged. Based on the data generated by gaming and players mobile gaming companies could:

  • Future development plans in addition to new titles to be out
  • Find weak points that could be a problem.
  • Make improvements to what’s already working
  • The game can be made more exciting


There are a few specific tools that are able to gauge the level of engagement among users. The first step is to must be able to establish the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in position. If you are aware of the details of what your KPIs are, what you wish to achieve begin thinking about ways to achieve it and how you can monitor your efforts. In the next step, you must be able to segment your users into distinct demographic groups.

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One of the two sought-after instruments to gauge users’ engagement include:

  1. Customer Churn Analysis Simply stated, it’s an assessment of a game’s player loss rate. The number of subscriptions that have been cancelled and uninstallations as well as inactive players is used to calculate the player the churn percentage (a percentage figure calculated by dividing players who quit the game within a specific month by the initial number)
  2. Analysis of interactions Mobile gaming companies continuously monitor and analyze the activities of their customers. What are the players doing is, are they reaching new heights and are they buying new equipment, etc.

With all this information you’ll be able to more quickly plan the evolution of your game as well as any future updates that will improve the quality of your game. That’s that mobile game companies make use of large amounts of data.

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