The Dos & Don'ts of Eyewear Cleaning

Don’t you get irritated when your glasses get foggy, and you cannot see your laptop screen anymore. The same goes for the sticky dirt, fingerprints and many more situations where you must clean your glasses. What’s worse is the frame’s corrosion and the formation of bacteria which can cause skin irritations. Your Gucci glasses frames will have the same effect after a few months of wearing them, and if you are not cleaning them properly daily, they may lose their looks and get damaged within a year.

If you have just spent a small fortune on a pair of glasses, you must be careful about your eyewear cleaning methods. Because once the frame or lens is damaged, you’ll have to spend some more to repair or replace it. Don’t worry if you are clueless about the eyewear cleaning best practices. The article will list the methods by which one should clean their glasses, so they keep them clean and let them have a long and durable life.

So, how should you clean your glass lenses?

The lenses are the key to seeing your world. Clear vision is your right, and you deserve to see everything clearly, and for that, you can buy those expensive lenses that don’t downgrade your eye’s capabilities. But, these lenses do get dirty and require regular cleaning.

Below are the methods to clean your lenses:

You need supplies

Microfibre cloth-It is the most recommended cloth for cleaning mirrors and glasses. It cleans the surface without leaving any smearing or scratches.

Cleaning solution- Spray or liquid specially made for glasses is necessary for cleaning your lenses. They are safe for lens coating and polycarbonate lenses—lotion-free dish soap is also a good choice.

How to do it?

There’re a few steps to clean your lenses properly:

  • Clean your hands, so there are no germs on your palms
  • Run water (warm is possible) over your lenses to remove dirt or dust as they could scratch the surface while cleaning. Distilled water is better than hard water.
  • Wipe the lens with microfibre
  • Spray the cleaning solution on both sides of the lens. If you use the dish soap, just a drop will do. Rinse the lenses
  • Dry your glasses off by first shaking, then use a duster (canned air) to dry further.

Now, how to clean your frames?

Your frames are more complex than the lenses. The small parts such as springs, screws, and hinges make it tricky to clean them. These parts are also vulnerable to rusting and the formation of bacteria. Hence, cleaning the frame becomes a part of your personal hygiene.

How to do it?

  • The steps to clean your frames:
  • Run the frames under warm water. Use (only) a mild soap (lotion-free) and apply it on frames with fingers.
  • Rinse it under warm water
  • Get a moist towel and alcohol to clean the notepad. Use it to clean the earpieces as well.
  • Follow these steps, and your Gucci glasses frames will last longer.

What not to use on your glasses?

  • Glass/window cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Ammonia
  • Toothpaste
  • Facial tissue
  • Paper towel
  • Exhaling into the lenses
  • Your shirt/skirt
  • Socks
  • And pretty much things like these, or you will regret it, seriously.

Follow this method and take care of your eyewear. And remember that only a regular cleaning habit can help you keep those glasses clean and new.

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