Simple Ways to Style a Blank T-Shirt 

The clothing industry in Australia is rapidly expanding with the changing customer attitude and the rising acceptance of online shopping. More specifically, the men’s clothing sale is anticipated to grow strongly in the upcoming five years. Currently, the market size of clothing items like t-shirts in Australia has touched the $1billion mark. One thousand seven hundred ninety-one businesses thrive in this domain.

Simple Ways to Style a Blank T-Shirt 

Among all garments, a blank t-shirt is the most versatile. It’s why you can find different types of Whole Sale Blank T-shirt Australia , ranging from long sleeves to short sleeves, made of cotton, and available in different colours. A blank shirt can be experimented with in numerous ways. Although you might have always paired it up with your skinny leggings, it’s time to move beyond that. Here are some easy ways to look chic and elegant in this type of t-shirt.

Pair a Blank Shirt with High-Waisted Jeans

One of the simplest yet stylish ways to look effortlessly elegant with a blank shirt is to team it with high-waisted jeans. This trend has been going strong for a lot of years now. You don’t need to think much about this combo if you are getting ready for any casual occasion outdoors. The key here is the high-waisted silhouette. But your blank shirt will look great even with a flared jeans. Slip into your favourite pair of heels, and you are all set to get out of the door.

Layer Your Shirt Under a Lace Tank Top

This style is trendy among models when they are off duty. You can layer your blank shirt under a lace tank top and pair it with ripped jeans. You only need a cotton crew neck t-shirt over which you can wear any kind of lace top. But don’t stop yourself from experimenting with other materials. You can wear a velvet, satin, or silk top as well. 

Pair a Long-sleeved Shirt with Joggers

It is a perfect athleisure look for both men and women. It means that you can rock this outfit both in the gym and out of it. If you like athleisure style, then you can buy Whole Sale Blank T-shirt in Australia made of a combination of polyester and cotton. Such shirts having rolled forward shoulders go quite well with joggers. Neutral colours look great on men. You can go ahead and accessorisees with a duffle bag to complete this look. If you are going out with your friends on a road trip, then you can accessorise with a pair of sunglasses. 

Experiment with Colours

Although many people stick to neutral colours in a blank T-shirt, you don’t have to stick to this rule. If you want to achieve an elevated casual look, then experiment with blank shirts in bright colours like red and pink. There are various bottom wear options with which you can combine such a shirt. For example, you can tuck your blank shirt into a pleated midi skirt having a similar shade. To enhance your look further, accessorise your outfit with a beaded necklace in the same shade. Such a combination looks quirky and streamlined without you having to spend numerous hours on your look. 

Whether neutral or bright, blank T-shirts have a charm of their own. As people in Australia transition to online shopping, they have various options at their disposal. You can get very creative with such a shirt. That’s why it’s a staple in both men and women’s wardrobes. 

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