Schoology Lausd: A Practical Guide to Using Lausd LMS 2022

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Lausd Schoology

Schoology Lausd is the Los Angeles Unified School District’s student and parent portal. It is a virtual learning environment and social networking service that allows academic content to be shared.

Schoology Lausd: Helpful Guide to Access Lausd LMS 2022 is detailed below.

1. How to Access Schoology Lausd

Follow the steps below to log into Schoology Lausd Learning Management System.

  • To access Schoology, type into your computer browser.
  • Choose the “Students” option.
  • Fill in your LAUSD email address (……
  • After that, enter your password.
  • Finally, you must log in.
  • Locate and select the BLUE Courses tab at the top of the page.
  • Locate the class you must attend.
  • When you need to change classes, click on the blue Courses tab to access your course menu.

Check that your LAUSD email is active. Your email address and four-digit PIN were mailed to you. It can be activated once you have your email address.

To activate, you will need your student ID number, PIN, and a password that you will create.

Follow the procedure below:

Step 1: Navigate to and click the “Student” link.

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Step 2: Select “Activate your account or reset your password.”

Step 3: Tick the box that says “I agree to the terms and conditions of the LAUSD Acceptable Use Policy.” After that, click the “Accept” button.

Step 4: Enter your District ID, Birth Date (including leading zeros, for example, “mm/dd/yyyy”), and Student PIN from the list below

Step 5: After you’ve reset your password, go to and click on Student.

Step 6: Enter your entire email address (for example, Next, click.

Step 7: Enter the newly reset password and click the “Sign in” button.

You can also use the link on the Home Page of this website. You can also access Schoology on your mobile device by downloading the app and searching for Grant HS 8683. Students can use the same email and password to access the Google Suite and use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other tools.

2. Reactivating your password

Follow the steps below to reset your password.

You can reset your password if you log in to Schoology with an email address. Follow these steps to recover your forgotten password:

  1. From, select Login.
  2. Click the Forgot your password? link.
  3. Enter the email address for your Schoology Lausd account.
  4. Click the Send My Login Info button.
  5. Access your email account. Please keep in mind that the email may take a few moments to arrive in your inbox.
  6. To reset your Schoology password, open the email.
  7. Change your password by clicking the link in the email message.

3. How to Access LausdZoom

Follow the steps below to log into LausdZoom.

Link to the LAUSDZoom meeting

LausdZoom offers online video conferencing for groups of up to 300 people. Students can join a meeting at any time using their LAUSD single sign-on username and password by following these steps:

  • Access
  • Click the Join button.
  • Enter your Meeting ID or Personal Link Name next.
  • To gain access to your meeting, click Join.

As an event, an invitation to the meeting will be sent to your Outlook LAUSD email account. You will then be given the option to RSVP for the event. If you decline the event, it will be removed from your email and you will not need to take any further action. If you intend to attend the meeting, mark yourself as present. The invitation has been added to your Outlook calendar.

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To change the name of your Zoom account;

At the bottom of the window, click on the Participants icon. Hover your mouse over your name in the Zoom window’s Participants list on the right side.

  • Choose More.
  • Then, choose Rename.
  • Please enter your name as it appears on official District documents and press OK.
  • The name will be correctly displayed on the screen.

Create an account on the LAUSD Parent Portal.

4 Create a LAUSD Parent Portal Account to begin using Schoology.

  • You must register for a Parent Portal account with LAUSD. If you already have an account, CLICK HERE to access the Parent Portal website.
  • If you do not already have an account, you must create one. TO REGISTER/REGISTRATE AQUA, CLICK HERE. To create a Parent Portal account, you will need a personal email address.
  • Click here for instructions on how to register for a Parent Portal account in English. How to Register in Spain
  • After creating an account, you must add each student to your portal account. To do this, you will need their LAUSD STUDENT ID code. This number will appear on your child’s Student ID Card.
  • Learn how to check your student’s grades HERE. How to Check a Student’s Qualifications in PASSPORT HERE.

Wifi Setup Instructions


  • Open the settings menu. Check that your WiFi is turned on.
  • Choose LAUSD. (NOT GUEST-LAUSD!!!)
  • Enter your entire email address as well as your password.
  • You might get a message asking if you trust this network.
  • To download required certificates, click trust.
  • You have connected to LAUSD wifi once a check mark appears.


  • Make connections. Check that your WiFi is turned on.
  • Choose LAUSD. (NOT GUEST-LAUSD!!!)
  • Enter your full email address in the identity line, then scroll down and enter your password.
  • Until your phone is connected to wifi, you will see the words connecting appear. You are now connected to the LAUSD wifi network.

Desktops for Schoology Instructions

  • Use any browser you want (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • In the URL field, type (at the top of the browser). (DO NOT VISIT SCHOOLOGY.COM!)
  • The LAUSD district symbol will be displayed.
  • Enter your entire email address as well as your password.
  • You’ll then be linked to Schoology.
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Mobile Phones (ie Phones & Tablets)

  • Install the Schoology app. Launch the app.
  • Enter North Hollywood in the search box under Log in through your School. DON’T GO TO A MAGNET SCHOOL!
  • There are several high schools in North Hollywood. Scroll down until you find: North Hollywood Senior High – 8786. Choose that item.
  • The LAUSD district logo will be displayed. Select Students.
  • Enter your email address as well as your password. You’ll then be linked to Schoology.

Through your Schoology courses, you can contact virtual tutors at any time.

LAUSD has collaborated with to provide all students with live, on-demand tutoring via Schoology courses.

  1. Tutoring services are available in English and Spanish.
  2. Students gain secure access to a virtual tutor through their Schoology course.
  3. Schoology provides access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. A variety of subjects are available, including study skills and test preparation.

Schoology Lausd Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Schoology going to be available for summer school classes?

Yes. Summer school courses scheduled through MiSiS include access to Schoology

2. Will students be able to use their LAUSD student email?

Yes. Students will have access to all of their courses via their LAUSD student email (MyMail) account. Students will need to log in with their student email (MyMail) account to access the platform.

3. How can a student reset their Schoology lausd password if they forgot their lausd login?

Teachers can access the “MyMail PIN” app from within their Schoology course. When viewing a course in Schoology, navigate to the left navigation menu and select “MyMail PIN” to view the student roster and associated PIN numbers. Teachers can use this guide to provide students with the PIN and instructions for resetting their MyMail/SSO password: Student SSO Password Reset Instructions.

A job aid for using Schoology’s new “MyMail PIN” feature to retrieve student PINs is available here.

4. Where can I get technical help with lausd Schoology?

If technical assistance is required, the MiSiS Help Desk is available. Please contact PLS at (213) 241-5200 (option 5, option 1) or go to


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