In the mouse Left-click Button not working which is widely used in the function that helps you to open files and programs which confirms your commands on your PC. Sometimes, PC functionality has common problems that uses often face in it.

There may be dozens of the issues because left-click may not working properly or stops working at all. In this article, we share the some of the common accepted solutions to fix the left-click not working issue by users who are facing the problem.


Let’s us find the Hardware is faulty or software problem with the hardware in the system. You need to check the hardware you can simply connect the mouse to another pc which see if it works there or not. You don’t have access to another pc by try connecting any other mouse to your computer to see if it faces the same problem. If it is hardware was faulty, then you have to get the mouse replaced.



If it turns hardware of your mouse is working fine but the mouse is still behaving strangely which may be problem with the software that needs to be solved. There can be two issues with your mouse either the left-click is not working in the specific area which it is not responsible at all. You need to write-up below, layout of the solutions to fix the both of these problems respectively.

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You can control your system with windows shortcut on the keyboard. Left mouse click isn’t working properly then this article is for you to follow these instructions in it. To Apply the instructions, you need to control with the keyboard and apply changes in the software to install the drivers in the system. Here are the simple steps to fix for left click not working on the Mouse.


Before you addressing your Mouse left click is not working problem which might have look out for the professional hardware issues.

  1. Please Plug your Mouse with the different USB port and check your Right click works normally: Check the port is to Blame or Move to next step.
  2. Try different Mouse on your computer and see on the right click works normally. If the mouse on your computer is repaired or change your mouse.


Sometime this problem may occur by using the wrong mouse driver or it’s out of the data. You need to update your mouse driver to see if it fixes the problem. You don’t have time for the skills or patience to update the driver manually to do it automatically with drivers. You need to download and install the automatically recognize system and correct the drivers for it. you can update driver automatically with the either free or pro-version of the driver. But the pro version it takes just 2 steps to get the full supports with 30-day money back guarantee.

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update mouse driver


In the computer, you need to run the DISM which needs to Deployment Image & servicing management is the tools in the windows which helps us fix windows corruption caused by the errors. Sometimes this left-click-on-mouse not working problem happens because of the corruption and configurations on your computer. We will run the DISM to check and fix the error.

  1. Open the command prompt in the system and enter the commands in the CMD.

  1. Type the following command and press the enter

DISM.exe/online/Cleanup-image/ Restore health

Wait for the process to finish.

  1. Type Sfc/scannow and press the enter.
  2. Restart your computer, then check to see if the left click works properly.

If the problem is still not fixed and you are committed that the problem with the software and mouse it self is perfectly fine. You need to reset your PC which will solve any software problem. You can restore PC to state it was before left-click issues started, reset windows settings and native data without deleting your personal data and reinstall the windows and delete all the data.

You need to restore your previous point older than the data you faced the left-click issue. This is the safest option with the least impact which doesn’t work, you can reset your PC that will surely fix all the software related problem your data is backed up before resetting your PC to lose any important data.

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