How to Start Preparing Your Child for Acing the NAPLAN Test

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) began in 2008. Since then, it has functioned as a yearly assessment for children in the age group of 3, 5, 7, and 9 years in Australia. NAPLAN evaluates the competency of students in essential skills, like form filling, finding work, and performing calculations. This assessment tests Australian students’ reading, numeracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing skills. 

How to Start Preparing Your Child for Acing the NAPLAN Test?

Children need much guidance to succeed in this assessment. Personalised  NAPLAN tutoring based on the Australian curriculum provides a learning plan to help children fix their shortcomings. This type of tutoring is one of the best ways for parents to prepare their children to succeed in this assessment. Here is how to make kids get ready for clearing this crucial test.

Foster an Interest to Learn in Your Child

Children prepare for this exam every time they are in school. In essence, NAPLAN is a direct expression of how much students have learned in the class. Naturally, parents should work toward inculcating a love for learning in their children. 

It includes nurturing good study habits so that children are always ready to some extent for this exam. Setting a schedule for studying different subjects daily also helps children to retain essential concepts. Parents should also work to impart a positive outlook of their children toward education. Students should not see education as a chore. Instead, they should view it as something informative, entertaining, and good for them. 

Look into Online Tutoring

The NAPLAN test is highly essential for students of the ages mentioned above. Naturally, every parent needs to see whether their child is adequately prepared for the test. However, many homes have both parents working. In such a scenario, they are unable to ensure whether their child is sufficiently prepared for the test or not. 

Many parents get confused on how to go about preparing their young ones for the NAPLAN assessment. Moreover, they don’t know the current level of their child’s understanding. In such cases, options like NAPLAN tutoring online that provides a comprehensive report of how much curriculum the child knows is highly effective for enabling the child to ace the exam. Parents can discover the areas where their child needs to focus more. They become more familiar with their child’s current level of learning. 

Use Self Study Guides

There are no official review materials of the NAPLAN. But parents can utilise self-study guides to assist their children in the test preparation. There are many self-study guides that parents can purchase online. They provide detailed preparation courses for every year of the test. These courses comprise text and video lessons, which makes learning fun and engaging for children. 

After every lesson, there are quizzes which children can do to reinforce their understanding. They also come with worksheets that can be printed and practised by students anytime they want.

Regularly Communicate with the Child’s Teachers

It is yet another effective way to enable your child to get ready for the NAPLAN assessment. As a parent, you should maintain an open line of communication with your child’s teachers. It fosters a positive relationship between the school and home and enhances the academic achievement of a child. Communication mediums like phone calls, emails, and parent-teacher meetings are all useful.

Teachers are intimately aware of your child’s levels of learning. They also understand how the test is organised and provide valuable insights on it to you. You can effectively leverage the information that your child’s teachers give you about the test to better your child’s practice.

NAPLAN is an indicator of the academic capabilities of your child. If they perform well in the test, it will undoubtedly be a moment of pride for every parent. The methods described above are beneficial for getting your child on the track to success. 

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