In 2021 it was estimated that the lawn care business employed more than 1 million people and was worth 105 billion dollars. That’s a lot of green.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a manicured lawn with a stone walkway winding its way up the middle with blooming hydrangeas on the edges.

You too can have the lawn of your dreams, that outside space where you can escape amongst beautiful flora and pleasing aromas. If you’re not a DIY person, then how much does lawn care cost per month? You might ask. Continue reading to find out.

What Lawn Care Typically Consists Of

Some lawn services are done on a weekly or biweekly basis, other services are done once every few months or as needed, and then there are services you will only do once or every few years.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly:

  1. Lawn mowing and edge trimming
  2. Hedge trimming
  3. Weed management

Every few months:

  1. Fertilization
  2. Tree trimming
  3. Lawn aeration
  4. Dethatching & power raking
  5. Leaf removal

Once or every few years:

  1. Seeding
  2. Sprinkler system installation or replacement

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost Per Month?

The size of your lawn matters in estimating lawn care price. The average lawn in America is a quarter of an acre (10,890 sq. ft.). However, most inner-city and suburban lawns run closer to 6,000 sq. ft.

In this part of the guide, I will give ranges based on national averages to give you a general idea to work from.

  1. Lawn mowing: $29 — $65
  2. Hedge/bush trimming: $48 — $75 per hour
  3. Weed management: $65 — $125
  4. Fertilization: $20 — $60 per hour
  5. Tree trimming: $315 — $700
  6. Lawn aeration: $65 — $239
  7. Dethatching: $175 per hour
  8. Leaf Removal: $81 — $465 (depends on amount)
  9. Seeding: $336 — $1,010
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Other Lawn Care Costs

The lawn care needs in the verdant midwest differ from those in the desert regions and those of the colder northern states. Some may or may not require the following services.

  1. Winterization: $393
  2. Artificial turf: $5.50 — $18.75 per sq. ft. Popular in dryer climates
  3. Mulching: $43 — $98 per hour or $20 to $45 per cubic yard

How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Specialist

Like any service you hire for, you want a reliable and competent company. Use this quick guide to help you find the right person or company:

  1. Get recommendations from neighbors (those with nice lawns)
  2. Check out prospective lawn care specialist reviews on Yelp
  3. Once you have shortlisted your choices, check for licenses and insurance
  4. Check their BBB rating, if they have one
  5. Review their webpage, is it professional?

Your lawn will thank you for choosing the right professional. We’ve made it easy for you if you live in the Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont area of North Carolina. There, you need not look any further than RDS Lawn Care.

A Great Lawn Is Worth It

Now that we have answered the question of how much does lawn care cost per month? You can budget for that masterpiece of turf you’ve always wanted.

Installing and maintaining a lawn is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of hard, dirty, and wet work. Hiring a professional will get you the results you desire without all the aches, scratches, and dirt under your nails.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Please browse our site for more up-to-date and topical content.

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