Hollywoodbets is a global online sportsbook that provides betting services to players all over the world, including South Africa. The company’s headquarters are located in Malta and its team consists of highly experienced professional bookmakers who have been working in this industry for many years. Hollywoodbets offers several betting exchanges including Bwin, Betway and Sportingbet but it also has its own exchange called Hollywoodbets PTY Limited (Hollywoodbets PL).

Who is Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets is a sports betting company that offers the best in online sports betting. It’s licensed in Curacao, which means that it has to follow strict regulations about how it operates and where its money comes from.

Hollywoodbets is owned by the South African-based Global Betting and Gaming Group (GB&G). The GB&G was founded by Michael Huygen, who is also CEO at Hollywoodbets PTY Limited.

hollywoodbets.net Ranking

Hollywoodbets.net Ranking

Hollywoodbets.net is ranked 4,645,995 in the world and ranked 156th in Australia. It comes with 3 backlinks according to Alexa and has 720 Facebook likes. Hollywoodbets also has 5 comments on its Facebook page and no YouTube videos. The domain was first registered on 2005-03-28 .

hollywoodbets.net Traffic and Engagement Analysis

HollywoodBets.Net is a South African sportsbook that was founded in 2018. The sportsbook has been running since then, and it has become quite popular among players all over the world thanks to its wide range of bonuses and promotions.

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The company offers an excellent selection of betting options for its customers: from single bets to accumulators and teasers, as well as other types of wagers such as parlays or lay bets on horse races. All these types of wagers can be placed through their website or via mobile app on Android devices (iOS).

They also offer live betting through several channels such as Facebook Live Streams and YouTube videos featuring famous athletes from different countries competing at major events like Wimbledon 2019 Tennis Tournament; US Open Women’s Singles Final 2019 Tennis Tournament; French Open Men’s Singles Final 2019 Tennis Tournament etcetera…

Where are Hollywoodbets’s headquarters?

Hollywoodbets is based in South Africa. The company is licensed by the Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) of South Africa, and it has obtained a gambling license from several other countries as well.

What is Hollywoodbets’s phone number?

Hollywoodbets has a telephone number. It is +27 11 635 9700 and available in South Africa, English, 24/7.

What is Hollywoodbets’s official website?

If you’re looking for a place to bet on the Oscars, you can find it at Hollywoodbets.co.za, Hollywoodbets.net and Hollywoodbets.com.

The company also has an official website: www.HollywoodBetsPTYLtd/.

What is Hollywoodbets’s Revenue?

Hollywoodbets PTY Limited is a sports betting company that was founded in 2006. It’s a licensed and regulated by the CSE (Central Securities Exchange) of Mauritius. The company has over 400 employees working on its operations, which include a total revenue of AUD$1 billion as reported by 2018.

The company operates through three subsidiaries: Hollywoodbets Online Sportsbook (HBSB), Hollywoodbets Mobile App; or HBSA for short, which allows users to access their accounts from anywhere in the world via their mobile phone devices; HBSA Australia Pty Ltd.; and Hollywoodbets New Zealand Limited

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hollywoodbets.net Technology Stack

Hollywoodbets.net is a platform that provides betting services to its users. The company uses the PHP, MySQL and Linux technologies to run their website.

The wordpress blog engine powers the majority of their content management system (CMS) while the PHP API serves as an API gateway for all 3rd party applications and external services like Google Analytics or Twitter analytics etc.

The frontend applications are written in Angular JS 1 which is what we use here at Hollywoodbets PTY LTD specifically for our mobile application development using Ionic Framework because it allows us to build native apps without having to worry about cross-platform compatibility issues between iOS/Android devices but also web browsers such as Safari on Mac OS X 10 . 8 Mountain Lion or Firefox on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit edition installed onto your machine at home/workplace respectively so there’s no need for extra hardware installation costs when developing these types of projects either!

Players must be 18 years or older to register or play at a sportsbook such as Hollywoodbets.

Players must be 18 years or older to register or play at a sportsbook such as Hollywoodbets. Players must also be resident in South Africa and the country they are playing from, as well as of legal age to gamble in their jurisdiction.


Hollywoodbets.co.za is the official website of Hollywoodbets PTY Limited, and it’s in English. The company was founded by Maxine Koosman on October 1st of this year and has since been growing at a steady pace with new customers coming in every day! You can find all of your favorite betting sites here: Bet365, William Hill and Paddy Power Sportsbook (among many others).

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Visit website for more information about Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets PTY Limited is a South African sports betting company that has been operating since 2012, offering an extensive range of sports and casino games with live betting on the internet. The company has its headquarters in Johannesburg, but it also has offices in France, Germany and Singapore.

The website of Hollywoodbets offers information about the history of this online bookmaker brand as well as tips on how to bet on different events while enjoying your time at home or work! As soon as you click onto any link from our website (especially those related to news), you will be redirected automatically into our website so that we can offer all our users access without having any problems whatsoever when browsing through them all; regardless if they’re newbies or experienced players alike!


Hollywoodbets is the largest sportsbook in South Africa, and it’s easy to see why. With top-notch technology and a large selection of betting options, this site has everything you need to win with ease!

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