Guide in Purchasing Wall Mounted TV in Brisbane

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Guide in Purchasing Wall Mounted TV in Brisbane

Many tourists also want to enjoy entertainment in their homes. However, an electrifying entertaining show like a great concert can only be enjoyed on a quality television set. So. If you wish to invest in a new television set any time soon and are looking for service providers, here are some considerations for you to have in mind before opting for services of  TV wall-mounting in Brisbane.

Weight and Size

For safety reasons, TV mounts have a specified weight capacity specification that must be followed. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure your TV doesn’t exceed the mount’s weight capacity.

Make sure your TV has the right width to cover the wall plate and mounting arms of the TV mount. Also, make sure your TV is larger than the minimum TV size mentioned on the TV mount’s box.


Your television most likely has standardised mounting holes grouped in a pattern known as a “VESA pattern.” For example, the spacing of the four mounting holes on the back of your TV is determined by the VESA pattern (or size). Most TV mounts support various standardised mounting styles, but you’ll want to be sure you get one that fits your TV perfectly.

All TVs employ a VESA pattern, which is the standard mounting pattern, much like most TV wall mounts are compatible with drywall. The term is an abbreviation for the Video Electronics Standards Association, which settled on the generic layout. Simply put, that implies that whatever wall mount you pick will be simple to install on your television.

Wall Studs

Typically, TV mounts are screwed into wood studs, concrete, or masonry. Depending on the position of your studs and how many you wish to put them into, you’ll either buy a single stud mount or a twin stud mount when mounting into wood studs.

The average stud spacing in a home is 16 inches, although some studs can be 24 inches apart. Investing in a stud finder will assist you in determining the location of your studs in your wall.

The type of mount you can get depends on the spacing between the studs in your wall. For example, some mounts have a 16″ stud spacing limit, while others have a broader wall plate that can handle both 16″ and 24″ stud spacing.

Take a step back and examine your wall to choose where you want your TV to be situated. Are your studs centred where you want your television to be? If that’s not possible, look for a mount with a large enough wall plate to compensate for the stud placement.

Wall Mounted Types

TV wall mounts come in various styles, from simply fixed mounts to ones with practically limitless mounting options. Consider what you’d like your bracket to be able to accomplish.

Tilt Mounts

A tilt mount can help compensate for a TV mounted above the optimum viewing level by providing vertical angle adjustment. Because of the tilt mechanism, the TV is positioned a little further away from the wall – usually at least 2″.

TVs positioned above a fireplace or high on a bedroom wall benefit from tilt mounts. Screen reflections from windows or room lighting can also be reduced using angle adjustment.

For a perfect mount, contact a professional service for TV wall mounting in Brisbane. They will help you choose the correct hardware to make the mount perfect. 

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