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E-Shram Card Application 2022 online Application Portal Ministry of Labour & Employment India has created a brand new website called the e-SHRAM portal for the benefit of workers. People who apply to apply for E Shram will receive an Unique Identification Number (UAN) card. With this process, CSC NDUW EShram Card Online Registration Online in UP Bihar MP and Karnataka candidates can find jobs in the near Future. Ministry of Labour and Employment has announced the e-shram nipun yojana to collect data of Workers in the unorganized sector in addition to The NDUW Database can be used to launch new policies, create new jobs in the Future and to launch new schemes for workers. It is possible to check all the information of the e-Shram Nipun Yojana 2022 Official website Benefits, documents required, CSC Login, Who are eligible to apply to apply for eShram Portal Online and the status of the eShram card from the section below. e shram gov in, e shram card download, e shram gov in, e shram login | e shram gov in, e shram card download, e shram gov in, e shram | e shram nipun yojana | e shram login

The citizens who work in the non-organized segment of India will be issued a unique identification Number i.e UAN through this number individuals will be eligible for benefits under the new Yojana and schemes. The citizens will need to apply for a Shram card in order to obtain their UIN number. Anyone who is interested and qualified to be eligible for E shram card are able to apply via the internet or through CSC/VLE at no cost.


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E Shram Card Registration 2022 – E Shram Card Online Application 2022

Article E Shram Card Registration 2022
Category Sarkari Yojana
Authority Ministry of Labor & Employment, Government of India
Registration Apply Start 26.08.2022
Registration Apply Mode Online
Official Website

How much do we earn from the Shram card per month?

Benefits of the E-Shram Card
If the worker is killed in an accident or becomes physically disabled, then the amount of two lakhs of rupees and in the case of partial disability, 1 lakh will be paid. Yogi government has promised the amount of Rs500 to those who sign up for the e-shram credit card.

What can I do to get a 3000-pension?

Workers working in the country’s informal sector are eligible for a pension. You will be entitled to a monthly income of 3000 dollars and be able to access various government programmes. Application with help from Jan Seva Kendra

What’s E Shram Card as well as what are the benefits for E Shram Card?

In reality, a goal is set to increase the number of another 30 million workers. To gather the data of those who are unorganized and work in the unorganized sector , by Government of India. Government of India and by consolidating the databases of all laborers in one place, there are people who are covered by this portal, such as construction workers, migrant workers street vendors, platform artists domestic workers, agricultural workers, and the other workers who have been organized. These are the people who aren’t eligible to benefit from any program. Since it’s impossible to find out. What was the plan and how it transpired under this? E Shram card will issue by government following E Shram Card registration. Anyone who works can avail the benefits of these programs directly. The government will also take various actions, if they possess the worker database.

38 crore people across the country work as unorganized workers. Ready-trackers, construction workers small-scale traders domestic workers, agricultural labourers women, beedi workers fishermen, truck drivers, milk sellers, ASHA and Anganwadi workers, MGNREGA workers, self-employed and many other workers working in the unorganized sector have been significantly decreased. This national level the portal (e-SHRAM Portal) is designed to improve the benefit of these million of unorganized workers, brothers and sisters who play a an important role in the economy of the country and for a secure future.

A few particular attributes that are available on E Shram Card?

E Shram Self Registration Apply Online
Registration Through CSC Portal Apply Online
CSC NDUW E Shramik Card Status Click here
Update Profile Click Here
Update E-Kyc Click Here
Official Website Click Here

You will receive 12 digits of a unique 12 digit number

  • It is expected that the E Shram Card of about 38 million workers, which will be issued available by the Union Ministry of Labor and Employment The card will have an unique 12-digit (Universal Account Number, UAN) number printed on the E Shram Card! This will ensure that all workers are able to benefit in one go. Since everyone in India is issued an Aadhar card number to serve as an identification card. Similar to that, EShram Card will also provide you with the persona of laborer in India.
Labor Shramik Card Register information: e-SHRAM has been created to enhance the well-being of the millions of unorganised workers in the country. To make the benefits available to workers who are not organized in across the nation, site will seed by its Aadhaar cards.

It is the Labour Shramik Card will have particulars of names, occupations, addresses as well as educational qualifications, skill kinds and family information and more. to ensure their potential and expand the benefits of social security plans for those who are. It is the very first national database of non-organised workers that includes migrant workers and construction workers as well as platform and gig workers and other workers, e shram login .

Help in taking advantage of government programs
  • Any scheme that is managed under The Government of India! The database will be connected to all of those schemes, meaning that it can be able register and avail of schemes within the formal sector on one platform for anything..

National toll-free number will be announced

  • A toll-free number will be provided to assist workers to obtain any information They can get details through the toll free number. To get help, toll-free number 14434 will be issued upon registration.

E Shram Card Registration 2022 Online Apply

The Government of India has launched an innovative scheme dubbed”E-SHRAM Portal Scheme” to ensure the protection of unorganized Sector Workers and Laborers. e-SHRAM Portal has launched by Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi. It is the Labor and Employment Ministry of India has established the E-SHRAM Portal to track and gather all data and information on workers and laborers of the non-organized sector. The data collected will be used to initiate new schemes, create new policies, and create more chances to Unorganized Sector Workers and Laborers. Ministry of Labour & Employment will release an Unique Identification Number (UAN) card for those who are applying to applications to join the eShram Portal. People who are interested in applying for E-Shram portal registration may make an application for CSC Seva Kendra. Candidates can also self-register through the e-SHRAM portal with a mobile number that is linked to an Aadhar Card.

How do I log into your account online on e shram Nipun Yojana?

  • To login to this E Shramik portal, you must first visit this official web site.
    Whose link is –
  • On the homepage on the home page, you must select the option’Self Registration’. Self-Registration‘.
  • The next page will appear.
  • In this case, you need fill in your cell phone’s number, which is linked to an Aadhar card.
  • Following that, you will need to enter the code for captcha.
  • When you file, you will need choose Yes or No in the case of EPFO or ESIC.
  • After that, you need to click on “Send OTP”. To send OTP‘.
  • You will now be sent an OTP. You can enter your OTP in the Section that is asked for.
  • Then you will be required to input you Aadhar Card number and accept the Terms and Conditions and Hit the Submit button.
  • A form for application will be displayed before you. You need to complete it.
  • After filling in all the documents, they must be uploaded.
  • After filling it out, click submit, and then take a hard copy of your application form for later reference.
  • After that your registration will be processed by the E Shramik Portal

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