6 Tips To Match Your Earrings With Your Outfit

Do you have trouble coordinating jewellery with your outfit?

Choosing jewellery to match perfectly while also complimenting your style can be challenging. Although there is a lot to consider, earrings are indispensable pieces of accessories. A pair of diamond earrings will prove to be the most versatile and timeless piece of jewellery in your wardrobe. 

So, whether you are dressing for a formal event or a casual gathering, here are some jewellery styling tips.

Styling Tips

Once you have selected your outfit, depending on the occasion, the next step is to pair the right accessories. Your choice of jewellery can make or break your outfit. So, select carefully after giving it a proper thought. Here are some tips to help bring your outfit together:

Consider the Event Type

Your choice of jewellery must be suitable for the event. For instance, you would not want to wear bright, flashy earrings to a formal event. Such events call for elegant yet understated jewellery like drop diamond earrings.

Besides the outfit, the event is the core deciding factor for the choice of jewellery. So, you do not need to put on your expensive diamond jewellery at a casual dinner gathering. However, for clubbing, add a dash of sparkle to your outfit in the form of hoops.

Colour Scheme of Your Outfit

Your jewellery must compliment your outfit’s colour scheme. It should be harmonious with your ensemble. 

So, for instance, if you are wearing nude tones, opt for muted and simple jewellery. From gold chains and bracelets to diamond jewellery, it would all work well with the outfit. However, if you’re wearing bright prints, you can experiment with vivid and bold coloured jewellery. 

Match The Shape

The shape of the pattern on your clothes and the shape of your jewellery should match. This applies mainly to dresses or tops with big, bold patterns.

The shape of your earrings and pendants must match the pattern shape. For instance, hooped earrings or circular-shaped jewellery do not work with striped dresses. 


The current trend raging is the style of layering earrings. Although, this is mainly applicable to people with multiple ear piercings. 

There are beautiful stack earrings options out there to select from. If you are feeling experimental, wear studs of varying shapes. It is a great way to display your unique personality and add sass to your look. 


While this sounds odd, it is an essential deciding factor in choosing the right earrings. 

You will likely layer up your clothes and throw a scarf around your neck in the winter. The last thing you would want is your hoops or danglers to get entangled in it. The best option is to pair it with simple studs. But danglers and hoops work great with the lighter clothes you wear in the summer months.

Silhouette of the Outfit

Another critical factor in deciding what earrings to pair is the silhouette of your outfit. 

Small earrings, danglers, and beautiful studs work great with high necklines. Such earrings draw attention to your face. Long earrings make an excellent choice for clothes with low or broad necklines. 

Wrapping Up

To begin with, adding a pair of stunning diamond earrings to your wardrobe is essential.

Remember, accessorising is all about experimenting and having fun. No combinations are dictated, and you can always mix and match as per your mood. Pairing the right jewellery is an acquired art. You are bound to get quick in selecting as time passes!

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