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5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Small Business Website Designer

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5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Small Business Website Designer

Research from Stanford University revealed that 75% of people judge your company based on web design. A poorly designed website will scare away customers, regardless of your product’s quality.

It’s no wonder many businesses prioritize user experience. Designing a great website establishes credibility and can boost sales. However, not everyone is a designer.

Many businesses hire a small business website designer to fix their sites. A pro can build your website, so it converts well and entices visitors to return for more.

You can choose several web design services and freelancers. We’ll share five important factors to consider.


Every business should approach website design with a budget. Budgets help you keep track of finances and avoid overspending. 

While you should ignore website design services that are out of your budget, don’t go cheap either. Paying too little for website design can lead to a low-quality user experience.

Web design is an investment. Putting more money into it can lead to higher returns. A budget keeps you grounded while letting you explore.

2.Review a Small Business Website Designer’s Past Work

A small business website designer should share their past work in a portfolio. Professionals have portfolios, and you’ll want an expert working on your website.

Some web designers only design Weebly sites. If you want a Weebly web design, click for more details. Otherwise, find a web designer who creates websites with your website builder.

Browse through several pages of each website. Some designers put their best effort into the homepage, and the other pages have less appeal. 

3.They Listen to You

The best website designer will listen to your feedback and make changes to your website. Designers should have no problem fulfilling your revision requests.

Stay away from designers who don’t accept revisions. They may create the website their way without considering your feedback. You’ll then end up with an insufficient website and having to search for a new designer.

You want your business website to feel in sync with your brand. Make sure the web designer gives you a custom look instead of a generic solution.

4.Established Objectives

You’re not improving your website just for aesthetics. Businesses make changes to optimize the user experience and increase sales.

A higher conversion rate for the opt-in page trickles to the rest of the business. Ask a website designer how their efforts will achieve your objectives.

Website designers should know how specific changes can impact sales numbers. An analytical web designer gives you a significant advantage.

5.They Stick Around

Great website designers don’t abandon you after delivering the website. They stick around and continuously make changes to your website.

They don’t make changes just for the sake of showing extra hours. Web designers run A/B split tests to see which designs convert better. They review data to make decisions that directly affect your bottom line.

Invest in Web Design to Boost Sales

A small business website designer has the necessary skillset to improve your website. A better website can translate into more sales and increased visit duration.

This investment will strengthen your brand’s digital presence. Business websites continue gaining prominence as more people do their research online.

Want to learn more about website design? Make sure you continue reading this blog for additional resources and insights.

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