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5 Errors with Photo Editing to Avoid for Your Website

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Images create an impact by drawing the eye and pulling an emotional reaction from the viewer. If you hope to improve the quality of your website, learning to edit your images properly is a step in the right direction.

If you want to step up your image editing skills, be mindful of five common errors with photo editing to avoid for your website.

1. Too Much Cropping

Cropping is one of the most popular photo editing tools but should only be used to remove unneeded areas that distract from the subject. Cropping too much can make your photo feel too personal, distracting from your intended purpose.

Consider the surroundings of your subject when cropping your photo. You don’t want to cut out areas that are important to the story you’re telling.

Focus on the golden rule, also known as the rule of thirds. This rule creates a balance between the subject and the negative space in the photo.

2. Off-Brand Edits

Using filters is a great way to create a consistent signature style for your brand. Yet, relying only on filters can lead to off-brand edits that look out of place.

Some preset filters don’t have the same effect on certain tones and lighting. Know the tone of your brand and select a variety of filters to use when editing that fit.

If an edit doesn’t fit with your brand, don’t be afraid to start from scratch. Brand consistency has more of an impact than quick edits.

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3. Improper Contrast

Contrast is the difference between whites and blacks in an image. If you adjust the contrast too much, your pictures look unnatural and it can be hard to see all the details.

When editing website photos, colors play a major role in your branding, but the contrast can change how they look. Too much contrast washes them out, while too little makes colors in photos look dull.

4. Not Considering Image Size

Editing photo sizes is crucial for the performance and appearance of your website.

If images are too large, it can bog down your website and frustrate users. Additionally, if you aren’t using the right resizing tools, even smaller images might be slow to load.

Pictures that take up too much space on your site distract from the content, but if they’re too small, they might not have the right impact. If the size isn’t right, you can resize photo online.

5. Over Editing

When editing photo details, try not to go overboard. Over-editing your photos can harm image quality, lighting, and is distracting. In most cases, you don’t want the editing in your photos to be obvious.

If you’ve gone too far, colors might look unnatural and you might lose important details. Refer to the original to help determine whether your editing looks natural or overdone.

Avoid Common Errors With Photo Editing

Consider these common errors with photo editing the next time you’re editing pictures for your website. By focusing on the quality of your editing, you create an impact, draw the eye to your images, and enhance your content.

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